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Welcome to Island Passions Nursery!
We are still one of the islands best kept secrets for rare and unusual sub-tropical plants. 

 Tropical plants are our specialty - palm trees, lillies, cannas, passion flowers, brugmansia, bananas and bamboo. Most of our cultivars outperform plants found at other sources. 

Our primary sales are at local farm markets and specialty garden shows on Vancouver Island
  Our where to find us page has been updated for the 2017 season! Just click on the tab at the top of this page.

Only 2 markets left for the year! 
We will be at the Cedar Farmers Market Sunday June 25th 9am to 2pm, and the Chemainus Giant Street Market event Saturday July 8th 8am to 3pm. Both markets are great fun and offer an experience the whole family will enjoy!

The stunning Temptation Passion flowers are ready June 25th in Cedar or the Chemainus Street Market July 8th. Truly stunning flowers. A few 5 gallon palms are also available for $40. Please reserve via email for Passions or Palms to be sure you get them.

We will be doing a bamboo event at the Cedar Farmers Market Sunday June 25th.
At the event will be 30 Phylostachys Alata. An excellent bamboo with a VERY fast growth rate.
This is a running bamboo that gives a great sight and sound block in a hurry.
This event is special as the bamboo are $35 per 5 gallon pot. 
These prices are far below what big nurseries sell them for.  Be at our stall at 9am when it opens and get a surprise bonus with your bamboo purchase. You wont be disappointed! It pays to shop early!
These also make a great hedge! 

To be fair to everyone we cannot do reservations on bamboo for this event. Strictly first come first served.

 Please send us an email to


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