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Welcome to Island Passions Nursery!
We are still one of the islands best kept secrets for rare and unusual sub-tropical plants. 

 Tropical plants are our specialty - palm trees, lillies, cannas, passion flowers, brugmansia, bananas and bamboo. Most of our cultivars outperform plants found at other sources. 

Our sales are at local farm markets and specialty garden shows on Vancouver Island.
  Our where to find us page for the 2018 season has been updated. Just click on the tab at the top of this page.  We update this page as new events are added a couple times each season. 
***Sorry we are no longer offering on site sales from our greenhouses. Sorry no exceptions.

This years hottest new plants are definitely the Rose-Lilies. For years we have taken great pride on having the best show stopping lilies but these completely shocked us.  Three times the petals, nearly double the bloom time and zero pollen. These are the new wow factor! Combine these with our tree lilies for a staggering show. Four kinds of Rose-Lilies available. Natalia, Elena, Carolina, Thalita.  We could go on and on but we encourage you to check out Google images for these. 

Dont forget to check back for market and product updates.

At the bottom of this page is a link to email us. It can be used to reserve plants for pickup at the Duncan or Cedar Farmers Market. The only exception is Angels Trumpets.

Currently we are sold out of bamboo. 



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