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Welcome to Island Passions Nursery! 

Tropical plants are our specialty - palm trees, lillies, cannas, passion flowers, brugmansia, bananas and bamboo.

We take the guesswork out of the many plant choices you have. 
We have done the trials. We only offer the cultivars that outperform their cousins found elsewhere.
For many things we only offer 1 or 2 types of a particular plant. 
Our plants are often described as long blooming, bold, stunning, and definitely different.

Our sales are at local farm markets and specialty garden shows on Vancouver Island. 

Please note, we no longer conduct sales on site at our greenhouses.
Please see our where to find us page for a list of markets we will be attending in 2019.

Market Notes and tips:

Only 2 market days in Victoria for 2019. 

Nanaimo and mid-island customers can continue to find us at the Cedar Farmers Market.

We highly recommend shopping early on market event days for the best selection.

Check back in this space for inventory notes throughout the season:

-Our single biggest event is Mothers day at the Cedar Farmers Market.
This will be the only day Giant Callas and Palm trees will be available.
You can reserve these for pickup on Mothers day with just an email.

-Angel trumpets and Temptation passion flowers will be ready at the Markets from May 15th to June 2nd.  You can reserve these for pickup at a particular market / date with just an email. Its the only way to be sure you get these. Sorry we dont offer these earlier as we take the extra time to push them in our greenhouses so your show of flowers is actually bigger and earlier then if we sold them to you earlier. 

-New for 2019. We will be offering Lillie planters that have 3 different Rose Lillies in each planter. Rose Lillies have triple the petals of normal lilles but they dont produce pollen. They also bloom twice as long as normal lillies. 
They are fragrant but not the overpowering fragrance that some Lillies are known for.  With 3 different types in each planter the show will be even longer as they bloom at slightly different times. The bloom times overlap so you will continually have flowers in June and July. They are as hardy as normal LIllies and multiply like normal Lillies so enjoy in the planter for the first 2 years then divide them for many years of enjoyment.



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